10 pieces limited edition. 
Fine Art Photography  Canvas Print 160 X 120 CM
Gallery-grade poly cotton-canvas, stretched snugly 
over a solidwood backing frame.
Vibrant colors printed with pro lab  technology on a textured surface laminated to resist moisture and fading. 
Las Pitahayas
When the Spanish colonizers arrived to the peninsula more than 500 years ago, 
the indigenous Pericúes were the inhabitants of the region of Cabo. 
The sacred fruit of the indigenous Pericue was the pitahaya, which grows in the desert cactus during summer time. This fruit is one of the strongest                                              symbols of the ancient culture of Baja California Sur.
venado sagrado
The rock paintings of Baja California, have an antiquity of over 8000 years, and represent a cultural heritage of  humanity. 
Due to the “Cosmovision” that transmits the stage of prehistory through painting.
Sacred deer is a photograph taken at the
Cueva Pintada in Sierra de San Francisco B.C.S. place
declared a world heritage site by UNESCO in the year 1993.
Cyrtocarpa Edulis is a plant characteristic
Plant of some parts of the Baja California Peninsula.
 Its fruits are known as “Plums of
the Mount” and its seeds are known as Chuniques. 
Legend has it, that whoever tries
this fruit stays to live forever in the Peninsula.
The traditional balloon man of the town at church.
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